I'm Aitor Fernández

Full Stack Analyst Developer

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Hello, I'm Aitor Fernández, full stack developer focused on mobile and internet.
I've been leading projects for more than 17 years, it allowed me to learn several programming languages and a strong know how in designing and developing eLearning, international commerce and forwarding systems.

Brain Usage

Software Engineering

Executing SDLC

Eficient, tested and well formed code design. Analysing specifications and life cycle phases.

Agile Methodologies

Simplicity and excelence

Keeping teams motivated and satisfying clients with fast, optimum and quality software.

Project Management

Planning and controlling resources

Leading team to success. Scope, task and risk specifications.

Organic and functional analysis

Requirements and implementation

Software developed for users, detecting needs and how we want to interact with the system.

Web systems development


Several developments for different companies and both international and goverment organizations.

Database architecture and design

Sql / NoSql

Detailed models design, both Sql and NoSql, I do not forget the smallest ones as SQLite...

C#, Java, Objective-C XML, XPath, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery
SqlServer, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra.
MVC, Ajax, Encripting, OAuth, RESTFul, SOAP, WCF.
Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, Cordova,...
Wordpress, Drupal
eLearning, SCORM development

Professional experience

I've developed several ERP's for maritime logistics sector in different countries and
been a member of the lead and development team in more than 250 projects for goverments, banks, european projects and health systems.

2000 - 2017

Analysis and leading projects

I developed openAula in 2000, an eLearning web system with more than 100k pupils per year.

20 - now

Analyst de developer

My day to day C#, MVC, HTML, Webservices...

2000 - now

Full Stack Developer

My day to day C#, MVC, HTML, Webservices...

2000 - now

Full Stack Developer

Maritime consignee and forwarding ERP's.


Serious Game development

European e-Learning platform on entrepreneurship


Web Scraping

Small companies competitive inteligence


Full Stack Developer

Linking all involved users in railway logistics of Bilbao port



Because of professional requirements... I learned chinese


XML & Ajax

International eCommerce for import & export.



Training in .NET, Java and advance database designing.


Full Stack Developer

Analysis and statistics of customs ratios for Comalep and the Inter-American Development Bank.

1995 - 2000

Computers Science

Where all started, it gave me the basics and I'll be grateful forever.




Satisfying clients



Fully functional


Code rows

Burning keyboards...



What I really like

I enjoy with

Being a member of a team gives me all, every day is different, I'm always learning.

I'm lucky, I'm allowed to think "outside the box" and because of that, what I really enjoy is:

  • Research
  • New ideas
  • International projects
  • And of course... programming